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Let’s see one example where I am going to create a simple spring boot rest application and will also use swagger.

Step 1 ::
I have used two jars “springfox-swagger2” and “springfox-swagger-ui” with 2.7.0 version.I have added those in my pom.xml.I have also added spring web related dependencies for my spring restful application.The detail pom.xml you can see below.


Step 2 :: I have created a configuration class to use swagger.Use “@EnableSwagger2” to enable swagger.A Docket bean is defined with “SWAGGER_2” DocumentationType.PathSelectors is kept any() to allow all path patterns.RequestHandlerSelectors’ base package is the controller class package name.Controller class will be the class where we will serve rest call mappings.

Step 3 :: I have created a model Employee class with id,name and department attributes for RequestBody.

Step 4 :: I have created the controller class now where the rest call will hit and will generate response.I have used “@Api” and “@ApiOperation” to provide swagger specifications.


Step 5 :: Finally a spring boot main class with base package scan for Config and Controller class.

Now you can run your application.
Console OutPut ::

You can now open the URL in your browser http://localhost:8080/swagger-ui.html .For my case the tomcat server port is 8080

Now you can do post request and get response like below.


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