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In this tutorial,i am basically going to explain the practical use of JMStoolKit Client.I am not expecting here that you have some basic knowledge of what JMS is all about ?

A JMSToolKit is basically a tool to push message to queue.

To understand it better ,lets take some real time examples .When a user requests for a money transfer,then actually your request is put into a computer generated file(file can be in text,xml,json etc formats) and then the file is put into appropriate queue by JMSToolkit.Then the Java application which will be having active listeners listening to the queue will pick the message from the queue and will process your request.

Examples and Syntax :

Here I am taking Two hardcode things first is queue name  “AI1.QUEUE.MINE” and  second environment “AI1DEV “


To check connectivity  a queue::

JMSToolKit.bat   -tCONNECT   -qAI1.QUEUE.MINE   -eAI1DEV   -sTRUE

To push a message to a queue::

JMSToolKit.bat   -tPUT   -qAI1.QUEUE.MINE   -eAI1DEV   -sTRUE

To find the number of messages  in the queue at any point of time i.e.to know queue depth ::

JMSToolKit.bat   -tDEPTH   -qAI1.QUEUE.MINE   -eAI1DEV   -sTRUE

To clear/drain  all the message ::

JMSToolKit.bat   -tCLEAR   -qAI1.QUEUE.MINE   -eAI1DEV -sTRUE

To see  the message content ::

JMSToolKit.bat   -tBROWSE   -qAI1.QUEUE.MINE   -eAI1DEV   -sTRUE

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