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Sample Program of HazleCast ::
In this tutorial I am going to create two sample java applications.First application will create Hzalecastcluser having only one node and it will also create and expose a map.Second application is a java client which is basically a subscriber to Hazlecastcluster created by first application and reads the exposed map.

Java application for HazleCastCluster ::
To Create a sample Java application for HazleCastCluster ,we need to add “hazelcast” jar to pom.xml.I have also created HazleCastClusterMain.java which creates a HazelcastInstance and also a map.


OutPut ::

Java Client to subscribe HazleCastCluster ::
To Create a sample Java Client to subscrive HazleCastCluster ,we need to add “hazelcast” and “hazelcast-client” jars to pom.xml.I have also created HazleCastJavaClient.java which creates a client HazleCasrInstance with local host config and port number and accesses the map present in HazleCastCluser node.




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