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Java is a high level programming language which was developed by Sun Microsystems.Its’ initial release was done on 23rd January 1996 .James Arthur Gosling, a Canadian computer scientist is the father of Java Programming language.

Java runs on a variety of platforms – such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux,Solaris etc.Java is used in web applications,standalone applications,banking applications or enterprise applications.Most of the site you refer day to day are mainly made on Java.

Types of Java Applications :
There are mainly 4 type of applications that can be created using java programming:

1 : Standalone Application

Standalone applications also known as desktop application  run on a single computer.e.g. VLC Media Player

2 : Web Application

This  is a client-server software application in which the client (or user interface) runs in a web browser and server side coding is done using Java,Servlet etc.

3 : Mobile Application

This  is an application which runs in mobile devices.For example –  games,WhatsApp .

4 : Enterprise Application

An Enterprise application is  a large,scalable,component based,complex and  distributed software application such as banking applications.
Sample Java Program :

Output :

Local Environment Setup :
If you are new to java and willing to set up your environment to code Java programming, then  go to oracle java download link  and download jdk. For exmple, for windows 7  64 bit  computer, you can download jdk-6u45-windows-x64.exe and run the .exe file.Setting up the environment variable path for windows:
Assuming you have installed Java in c:\Program Files\java\jdk directory
1 : Right-click on ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Properties’ ,then select Advance system settings.
2 : Click on the ‘Environment variables’ button under the ‘Advanced’ tab.you can edit  path by appending     ;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_45\binSetting up the path for Linux, UNIX, Solaris:
In Linux and  Solaris you can export $JAVA_HOME=installed jdk bin directory path

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