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HazelCast Management Centre

HazelCast Management Center :

1. Hazelcast Management Center is a tool or User interface which allows you to monitor and manage your cluster
members running Hazelcast IMDG.
2. It helps you to analyze and browse data structures like used IMap,IQueue configurations.
3. It helps you to take thread dumps from members.
4. It helps you to analyze heap usage.
5. It comes with free trial version and also with license version with some extra modules.
5. It has SSL enabled or disable feature.
6. It helps you to run JavaScript,groovy scripts,commands on your members with its scripting and console modules.

Step 1 :
Download Management Center from official HazelCastIMDG Download Link
I have downloaded Management Center 3.10.1
Step 2:
Start management center locally by clicking on start.bat.After this you should see “Hazelcast management center successfully started” in command prompt console.

Step 3 :
Use below pom.xml.Please note here that management-centre version and “hazelcast-all” jar version should match.otherwise you will get error in connection to management center.

Step 4 :
Create a class similar to HazleCastClusterMain.java and enable hazlecast management center and provide its url as well.Use the config to create HazelcastInstance.

OutPut ::

Step 5 : Register first time using a user id and password.

Step 6 : Login again to management center with same user id and password .The URL where you are login should be used in your application HazelcastInstance management center config.

Step 7 : Now you can see your cluster data and monitor it.Enjoy !!!!!


Sample Program of HazleCast ::
In this tutorial I am going to create two sample java applications.First application will create Hzalecastcluser having only one node and it will also create and expose a map.Second application is a java client which is basically a subscriber to Hazlecastcluster created by first application and reads the exposed map.

Java application for HazleCastCluster ::
To Create a sample Java application for HazleCastCluster ,we need to add “hazelcast” jar to pom.xml.I have also created HazleCastClusterMain.java which creates a HazelcastInstance and also a map.


OutPut ::

Java Client to subscribe HazleCastCluster ::
To Create a sample Java Client to subscrive HazleCastCluster ,we need to add “hazelcast” and “hazelcast-client” jars to pom.xml.I have also created HazleCastJavaClient.java which creates a client HazleCasrInstance with local host config and port number and accesses the map present in HazleCastCluser node.